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Some special times fishing with Nicholas from his first time to his latest with hopefully more to come.

Nick's first time fishing

Me and Nick in Panama City

Nick fighting one at St. George Island

Nick with our catch at St. George  Island

Me and Nick after renting a boat in the Keys


Some special times fishing.

This Striper was caught in the Delaware Bay in 1995 fishing with Gary Holland .  I never weighed it but it measured 36 inches.

I caught this 40 inch Barracuda fishing with Lisa during our honeymoon in 1987 off Key West.

Here's Lisa with a Florida Pompano she caught at Panama City Beach in 2000.  Pompano are absolutely one of the best tasting fish in the ocean.


Here is one of a bunch of Black Drum we caught while on vacation at Destin, Fla. There were regulations and size limits on these however I don't recall what they were in 2001. I caught this one and others while tied to a bridge. If you ever rent a boat and are not sure where to fish, find a bridge, tie to it, scrape the barnacles off the pylons then drop a line and hang on. There are laws against anchoring directly to bridges in many places so check and be especially careful. Here's a nice weekfish caught by my grandfather, Les Bowers in the Delaware Bay. Fishing in the Florida Keys, as I have been fortunate to do many times, you will catch your share of sharks. This is a nurse shark I hooked while anchored under a bridge on the south end of Islamorada. Expect to catch these and blacktips, occasionally you might even hook a bull, which is considered one of the more deadly of species. Either way, they are all a nuisance

I just parked in the rear lot at World Wide Sportsman and Nick and I am getting ready to do some fishing. I really had it made when I still drove, there were times I could work it out to drop my trailer in Miami and head down to the Keys. During the summer when Nick was out of school I did this as often as I could. Sometimes I would just have him but most of the time I made sure the whole family could come.

If you look close you'll see two tarpon and a sharks and stingrays in the water off the docks at Worldwide Sportsman. You've got to go to Islamorada in the Keys at least once in your life.

 Chip and a bass
 he caught
 in our pond.


Michele Cressman

Hannah Cressman

Rachel Cressman

Sean Cressman

These fish were just a few that were caught in Alcyon Lake in Pitman, NJ by Michele Cressman and family. About fifteen years ago this lake had national recognition as the #1 most polluted lake in the country. Now, as you can see by these pictures, you can spend an afternoon with your kids there and have a wonderful time. The whole area was thoroughly cleaned by the state a few years ago. The old Alcyon Raceway is just behind the lake and I understand it has been cleaned up and refurbished as well.

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