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Jim Zimmerman's Big Buck

Jim, Pete, and Z-Rider

Jim shot this buck the last day of deer season in 1986.
We decided to hunt that day when others stayed home
because of the extreme cold weather.  Obviously it paid off in a big way.

After a Saturday morning hunt here's Jim Zimmerman and his dad Jack, who we kindly refer to as "Z-rider".Pete Saracino is also pictured with Jim. I grew up and went through school with Pete and Jim and spent many hours in and out of the woods with both.  I could not have asked for two better friends.


Here is Z-Rider with his six point buck killed in Dec.1995 Here is Chip with his mule deer he shot in Montana

Ken & Bob

Me (Ken Pellicano) and my late Uncle Bob (Deschler) with my two favorite beagles, Joe and Dick. Saturday morning hunts this successful got to be harder and harder as we lost more places to hunt every year.


Greg Tharpe's buck

In 2003, a couple years after Chris got his buck this deer was also taken in the woods behind my shop by Greg Tharpe, my neighbor.

The first is Greg Tharpe with his second buck. Greg Tharpe killed this seven point buck the day before Thanksgiving back in the woods behind our shop.

Greg's son Hunter posing with dad's deer.
Greg took Hunter in the woods and he stayed quiet enough to see several deer. Pretty impressive for a three year old!


Here we are in upstate Pennsylvania

Z-Rider getting his stand situated in that perfect spot.

Here is Jim Falisi, not exactly sure what he's doing, he must already have his stand in place. Here's Hodgie (John DeGrossa) in his stand checking to see if this placement will do.

Hunting in Pennsylvania is a family tradition

Uncle Bob and me

Here is my first Pennsylvania buck, I worked hard for this deer. It was an extremely long and hard drag out.

This is Pete and me with still a long way to go and we haven't reached the hard part yet. Pretty nice New Jersey bucks huh?.


Here is Pete Saracino with a nice 8 pt buck he killed in 1985.



Here is Nick and Shane with the tail off of Nick's very first deer, Dec. 2004. We were invited to hunt in Mississippi by Dream Maker Outdoors.

Here is a picture of Nick and Jerry Brown who, along with his nephew Matt from D.M.O, took video of the hunts. What a blast, thanks Jerry and Matt! You can check out D.M.O. on their website, check for link.


Jim killed this buck in 2003.

This buck was taken in 1993 by Robert Jackson in Eastern Texas. Robert is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and what a sense of humor. I met him in the late 1980s while he was up from Louisiana working on a highway project in my home state of NJ. (don't tell anyone I grew up in NJ) I haven't stayed in real close contact with him but I still consider him a good friend.

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