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Here are some pictures of the shop and bluing room


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Here is a picture of Chuck Ellsworth's Winchester model 69 stock after refinishing it. There is no stain just a satin oil finish.

Here are some barrels and receivers, some before bluing and some finished.

My Colt after bluing just the barrel. It was worn from being holstered.


We blued the frame on this 357 Mag. Colt.

Here is a beautiful Ithaca mod.37 owned by Phil Sebastain.
We refinished the stock and forend, polished and blued all the metal.


Remington model 510 before refinishing wood and bluing

Remington model 510 after finishing the stock and barrel.

Remington mod. 510 after finishing stock and bluing barrel.

This beautiful Remington model 510 belongs to Robbie Bledsoe here is before and after complete refinishing.


Robbie with his Remington model 514 after refinishing wood and bluing

Robbie's FN 1912 after refinishing wood and bluing

Winchester 67 after refinishing wood and bluing We cut  six inches off the barrel and a few inches off t

Robbie with three guns we refinished the wood and reblued the metal.


Sean with his H & R 12 ga after refinishing

Sean with his H & R 16 ga after refinishing

Sean with his H & R 20 ga after refinishing

Here are three guns we refinished for Sean. He brought his H & R 20 ga. in and ended up buying a 16 ga. and 12 ga. from us. All completely restored.


Ithaca 20 ga. double

Here is an Ithaca we restored. It came in with a broken lug on the barrel. We repaired that and blued the barrels, polished the reciever, and refinished the wood. The checkering was also re-cut by a friend of ours, Doug Spears. He does all our checkering and does a fantastic job!


Imperial 12 ga single barrel after restoring

Imperial 12 ga. this is the forend that we made and a close up of the bluing

Imperial refinished stock

Here some pictures of an old Imperial shotgun we restored


Stevens 311 12 ga double

Polished reciever on the 311

Stock and checkering on the 311

This is a Stevens 311 12 ga. double in very nice shape, the wood has been refinished and Doug cut the checkering from scratch


Three forends with fresh cut checkering refinished with a satin oil

Here are three forends we refinished with oil and Doug Spears cut the checkering on


Fox model B 16 ga

Stock on the Fox 16 ga

This is a Fox model B in 16 ga. It has been refinished and the reciever polished out. The wood has a satin oil finish with the checkering re-cut, a beautiful gun


Here is a nice Browning Sweet Sixteen owned by Mike Cannon that we refinished. The gun now looks brand new


This is a Jeweling job I did on a Ruger 10-22


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