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John Dyer's 300 Wby Mag

This gun started life as a 7mm but we installed a spiral fluted Shaw barrel in 300 Wby Mag caliber.  After 20 shots it grouped less than half inch at 100 yds with a box of factory Hornady ammo. How much better will it shoot after it is completely broken in?

Browning 6mm-06 wildcat

This is a 6mm-06 that I had built for me about four years ago, before I started doing it myself. I always wanted something built by Hart Rifle Barrels and they did a fantastic job. They did the barrel work but the stock, action, and trigger work was done here. I've got my shop now equipped for such work and I've done several barrel jobs since.

Browning 300 Win. Mag

This was my first "real" rifle. I bought it used in 1984 and although I had several rifles prior, this one had everything I wanted, the workmanship and looks of a Browning, and of course the velocity and power to reach out and touch something. Shortly after I bought it I sent it out to Shall and had a varmint barrel installed. I set the trigger weight to a crisp 2 1/2 lbs. and have used it solely for woodchucks since. I've got on video, kills as far as 600 yards.

This is the first Precision Specialties rifle put together. It started out as a typical 30-06 That was very difficult to load for, it just wouldn't group. For this reason it only made sense that this would be the perfect choice to rebuild. It was decided that a Douglas Match Grade Barrel chambered to 25-06 with a 1 in 10 twist would be used. The action and trigger was reworked. The trigger is a non-adjustable type so some filing was needed, also a new, lighter spring was installed. The safety was also modified to allow the bolt to open with the safety on. This has been something I've always failed to understand, how it was figured that opening a loaded gun was safer with the safety on fire? Anyway that was changed. Lastly, with a little work, a new Browning thumbhole stock was fitted. The action and barrel was bedded and floated. No more problems with bad groups, the gun feels good and shoots even better. Jack Watson from Baity's Gun Works did the final engraving and it's beautiful. There are a few finishes that can be applied to stainless, we decided to leave this one polished.

Ruger 10-17

This is a Ruger 10-17 built on a Barracuda Stock Completely tricked out with Volquartsen parts, including the barrel, trigger, hammer and sear, and just about all of the internal parts. The glass is from Leupold......of course! The gun is really fun to shoot and extremely accurate as you can imagine. I still have all of my .22 LRs and still enjoy shooting them but there is no comparison to the .17 Mach 2.

Custom Ruger 10-17

Another Custom Ruger 10-17 a less expensive gun but just as much fun - maybe more!

280 Ackley


Here is a 280 Ackley built on a Browning action.

Built from the ground up


Built from the ground up - Stainless 20 Practical on a Remington 700 Action and a Shall Spiral Fluted barrel also stainless but blackened.

Custom Browning Super Rock Chucker


Custom Browning Super Rock Chucker

Savage 112 7mm Mag


Savage 112 7mm Mag that belongs to Kenneth Waddell

 Custom built Remington's

Remington 270 on a laminated thumbhole stock

Custom built Remington 222 on a 40X stock




This is a Browning A Bolt with a heavy barrel in 204 Ruger

 Browning A Bolt in 204 Ruger Heavy Barrel in a custom stock


 Browning A Bolt rebarreled to a .264 Mag with a custom built stock designed here


 Remington 700 action with a fluted heavy barrel 220 Swift in a checkered 40X stock and topped with a Unertl scope


 Winchester Super Grade 300 Mag


 Winchester short action model 70 barreled to 222. Traded this to a good friend Kenneth Mikeal, some day I hope to trade back for it. ha ha


 Browning A Bolt in 243 Win


  My youngest son Shane at our range


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